We're glad you're here reading about us. We wish you good health. Geia mas! :-)

We are Antonio Foods, a family business, selecting the finest pumpkin and sunflower seeds the Greek land has to offer since 1959.

With over 60 years' experience, we know a thing or two about seeds. Since day one, we knew deep in our hearts that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. This is why our seeds and spreads have always been 100% natural, nutritious and most of all super-tasty.

It all began as a personal enterprise by Antonios Konstantinidis in Ladádika, the downtown commercial center of Thessaloniki, Greece. A modest shop was set up there, and it quickly became popular with the locals and beyond.

Antonio's passion and dedication paid off. After years of national success, Antonio started exporting high quality roasted pumpkin seeds to Western Europe and in particular, to Germany. They went down well! So much so that in the early 1980s, production was roaring and it was time for Antonio Foods to move to its own factory in Kalohori, the bustling industrial area of Thessaloniki.

In the 1990s, the company was handed down to Abraham and Panos Konstantinidis, sons of the founder, who carry on the family tradition of supplying bulk pumpkin and sunflower seeds and kernels.

With things going well, the production of roasted and salted pumpkin seeds got a boost in 2008 with the installation of new machinery that processes to perfection and reduces power consumption and waste.

In 2018, after various experiments, the product catalog was extended with pumpkin seed spread and sunflower spread - products that taste great, and don't contain any preservatives or artificial flavor enhancers.

With big ambitions, Antonio Foods installs state-of-the-art production facilities in 2020, that allow it to produce beautiful consumer packs. The next chapter looks exciting for Antonio, as it looks to spread its seeds all over the world for everyone to enjoy.